The Reaction Of MLB To The Wild Aroldis Chapman News.

The New York Yankees finally appeared to be moving in the right direction after battling for the most of the previous few weeks.

The squad has welcomed Giancarlo Stanton back, Aaron Judge has rediscovered his groove, and they are now riding a five-game winning run. But on Saturday night, the joyful news came to an end.

Star pitcher Aroldis Chapman is moving to the IL, according to a report from Jack Curry of YES. Even worse, it is hardly the worst aspect of the tale. 

Curry claims that Chapman is travelling to the IL because of an illness in his leg brought on by having a tattoo.

One Yankees supporter said, "ARE WE FOR REAL???" Another fan said, "the first time i'll ever chuckle at an IL stint."

F"Man, one man has a tattoo that puts him on the IL, while another guy's hairdo causes him to test positive for drugs.